Send The Trend has never been Trendier

Send The Trend, an online fashion retailer and subsidiary of QVC, came to us to rebrand and redesign their website. But this wasn’t just a “refresh”, it was more like a “redo” as the motivation behind doing the project was a change in business model - from a subscription based accessories focused e-commerce site to a more traditional e-commerce site, selling a broader range of projects including branded products, and increasing the product price point.

Send The Trend not only wanted a total refresh of the brand and site, but also wanted us to help solve these challenges:

• Make it clear that Send The Trend offers recommended products to customers and to do this in an innovative way; also give customers the ability to find products on their own

• Attract more affluent and/or luxury conscious customers

• Get customers to come back to the site regularly Solution: We first started with the branding process and helping Send The Trend to come up with a more feminine, classic, strong yet still accessible logo; a logo that would appeal to their broad customer range (women 25 to 45-years old) and also help them to attract more affluent customers.

After we had a logo, color palette, and typeface direction we went into design. For the website, we wanted to make sure to highlight the recommendation feature -- the idea that Send The Trend can recommend products to a customer based on their site usage -- something we felt was a defining feature of the new site. We also felt it needed to be more than just a module on a product page, it needed to be part of the product grid and become part of the product shopping and browsing experience.

We solved this by create a unique product grid. We also knew that we needed some way to get users to come back to the site. Social shopping is becoming so much a part of the e-commerce experience, so we created a live feed that would aggregate site content like the blog, product purchasing info (a live ticker of what products customers are purchasing and when), as well as giving Send The Trend the ability to add in content like marketing a flash sale.

In addition to design, we also helped consult on development, giving the Send The Trend developers ideas on how to implement features like the unique product grid. The new site is currently in development and is targeted to go live in the Fall of 2012.