Open Loop New York Wins 'Outstanding Achievement' at the 2014 Interactive Media Awards

Open Loop New York is a new touristic bus company operating in New York City. We built and launched Open Loop's website on a high performace, cloudbased hosting platform when their service opened in 2014. Open Loop offers first class touristic bus services and wanted a website that matched their standard of excellence, online. won Outstanding Achievement in the Travel/Tourism category at the 2014 Interactive Media AwardsOf particular note, scored 99 out of 100 points for Feature Functionality, owed, in part, to a

  • Simple yet effective architecture and design
  • Language Support, in six languages
  • Responsive Design Solution, making the website accessible from mobile devices
  • Interactive Route Map, also 100% accessible from phone and tablets

Congratulations to Open Loop on launching their service in New York City as well as to our award winning new york web design and development team for their innovation and hard work.