One More in the Pocket

The verdict is out and New York web design firm Avatar New York is a winner! After 16 wins in the summer, the fall is looking promising with a Web Marketing Association Web Award “Shopping Standard of Excellence” for their web work on Strathmore,  While it is common for most retail sites to have e-commerce capabilities, Strathmore Paper’s site exemplifies the excellence in e-commerce solutions that Avatar New York offers. 

Peruse Strathmore’s ordering section and you will find a fool-proof shopping cart, one judge commented, “I thought the ordering system was very easy and quite innovative.”  Another judge reiterated saying, “"I really like the look of this site. [It’s] completely unexpected from a paper company…The letterhead contest is a great idea that is presented in a very pleasing way…” 

Always aiming to provide outstanding solutions, Avatar New York makes shopping online effortless through “a fully customized, secure, online ordering systems that customers can feel confident in.” Avatar New York appeals to business’ needs by offering to set up e-commerce solutions every step of the way.  Whether you are an old company that is new to the web, or just a fledgling web based retailer, Avatar New York’s e-commerce solutions are going to appeal to you.  

With the recent re-launch of their own website, Avatar New York is proving its exceptional capabilities and solidifying its own personal branding image as a company that impresses both the “average Joe” and the “techie nerd.” Avatar New York prides itself in not only being methodology-oriented, but also in being pioneering and malleable.  It is this kind of work-ethic and passion for art and technology that puts one more award in the hands of Avatar New York.