New York’s “Daily News” Praises Avatar New York

New York’s Daily News has recently featured Avatar New York in its ‘Money’ section. Mentioning not only diligence and ingenuity, but the ability to trust in business gut instinct. Avatar New York has been receiving a great deal of publicity lately. After having an exciting run of awards—16 to be exact, all eyes are on this incredibly web design and technology firm. On top of its massive award wins for 2008, people are wondering about the humble beginnings of this thriving company. But while this period of huge success might seem like luck, the company’s success is due largely in part to trusting gut instincts. Founder of the Avatar New York, Charles McCoy was just featured in the New York Daily News for his finesse in jumpstarting the offspring of a failing division of Austin, Texas based company Avatar Technology. Ultimately, Charles McCoy trusted in his experience and his sensibilities to grow Avatar New York into a wildly successful web and design firm.

In this article Charles states “…there’s not some magical solution or some book you can read. In fact, you have to trust your instincts… you might not make the right decision, but you’ll make the right decision for that point in time.” The New York Daily News article focused on how making the right decisions for the right times is what has helped Avatar New York move from a company that struggled to stay afloat during the dot-com bubble burst to a company that is now surpassing its o riginal expectations. The end result was a steady incline towards strengthened client relationships and opportunities to explore the fast-paced movement of technology. Avatar New York has even set its eyes on more social networking and interactive projects such as “tween” interactive game, a site made for seasoned under apparel designer, Nancy Ganz.

Larger-scale projects and some expansion are in the future, though Avatar New York is careful to choose the right talent to go hand-in-hand with its growth. “What matters most is our relationships with our clients and maintaining the quality of those relationships,” reiterates Charles McCoy. Now what was a fledgling company with an unclear forecast, Charles McCoy and partner, Patrick Tully have taken Avatar New York and turned it into the kind of company that gets written up in the papers—The New York Daily News’ ‘Money’ section to be exact. Talented designers, programmers and technology experts are the backbone of Avatar New York, yet a savvy risk-taking attitude coupled with a fine foundation is the reason why this company is gaining press and experiencing explosive growth.