Mohawk’s Been Googled

Avatar New York proves that style needn’t be sacrificed for market-accessibility. Mohawk Fine Papers Inc., America’s leading paper manufacturer teams with tech-savvy pros at Avatar New York to devise new technology enabling their flash-filled site to be indexed by Google and other search engines.

Digital Web Magazine contributor Alan K’necht wrote, “What’s the good of building a great-looking Web site that no one knows about and no one can find? Unfortunately, that is the reality of building a Web site in Flash.” The problem with Flash animation sites in the past was that search engines treated Flash pages as images and therefore important content within a site could not be indexed. That was then and this is now. 100% Flash site, doesn’t substitute convenient consumer outreach for stylish web animation. Instead, it signs on innovative programmers at Avatar New York to achieve Mohawk Paper’s latest web redesign challenge—to reach out to their market and have an impeccably designed site. Mission accomplished.

Mohawk Fine Papers Inc. is North America’s largest premium paper manufacturer, known in the industry for its “high environmental standards and sustainable practices.” When quality paper is your business it is imperative to be representative of that, especially on the Web. Featuring an appropriately inspired layout, the site reveals content on images that look like sheets of paper.

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