To Infinity and Beyond!

Discover Magazine, a Disney Publication, has decided to renew the company’s commitment to online strategies focusing on the Internet to increase revenue and subscriber base. The popular science journal believes that a stronger Internet presence will further increase the magazine’s online subscription base. Discover chose Avatar based on the company’s expertise and experience in delivering similar successful initiatives and designs for companies like New Balance and Screenvision. Discover’s main objective is to strategically increase offline magazine subscription by completely overhauling the Magazine’s website, designing one that supports monthly updates and premium subscriber content.

Joseph McLaughlin, Associate Circulation Director, says that "…when we first set out looking for a web developer to update the Discover Magazine website, I was pretty sure that in finding one we'd exert a great deal of time and effort negotiating internally between design standards, functionality, and marketing efforts. But the guys at Avatar never let us fall into that trap. They were very understanding of the edit team's steadfast insistence that the site equal, if not surpass, the experience of reading the print magazine and therefore were very thoughtful and patient in our design meetings. They also never lost sight of the fact that the website is also a marketing outreach to non-subscribers and, ultimately, our company would judge the success of the website by the overall ROI. The best testimonial I can give Avatar is that within a year and a half from re-launch, the new more than fully represents the look and feel of the magazine and with the influx of new subscribers, the site will more than pay for itself."

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