Google now gives your website kudos for using HTTPS

Google uses HTTPS ranking signal

It's official, Google has announced that they are now using HTTPS (or HTTP over TLS) as a ranking signal. This means google will be checking if it can access your website over HTTPS and give you a higher ranking than if your website was unavailable over HTTPS (although they state in the beginning this will be considered a lightweight ranking signal). In order to receive kudos from Google, check with your web development team and make sure the following are setup:

  • Use a 2048-bit key certificate
  • Ensure robots.txt (and/or noindex robots metatag) doesn't block your site over HTTPS
  • Use relative URL's or protocol relative URL's (i.e. "//")

You can read the full article: HTTPS as a signal ranking on Google's Webmaster Central Blog. Contact us today for more information on getting your website setup over HTTPS and see what high-performance hosting options we use, like SPDY, to ensure you don't take a performance hit.