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New York based, Avatar New York, an independent Interactive and Web Design agency announces that Internet Media Review (IMR) has awarded top honors to their website design for Decisively out-scoring a number of larger magazine publishing companies, Disney Publishing’s has been awarded the IMR Usability Excellence Award 2004 for Best Consumer Magazine Website. scores a 97 out of a possible 100 in the first annual website usability showdown, besting one other well-known consumer magazine website by more than double.

According to the IMR, their research team closely examined ten leading consumer magazine companion websites from ten top magazine publishing companies. Focus was placed on the overall homepage usability and several typical user tasks. A series of expert usability reviews and actual user test labs were conducted to determine what IMR believes to be the top ten “Best Practices” for homepage web design for the consumer magazine market. Some key metrics reviewed by IMR were: brand integrity, persistent navigation, task depth, labeling and language, content density and load time. scored a perfect 10 in each of these best practices. An in-depth, 30-page research report is available at

“We are pleased with this wonderful achievement. Our design team has worked on numerous website redesigns and we have learned the art of creating the perfect design mix. Consumer sites must be aesthetically pleasing while integrating with the best practices of usability to achieve winning results. Having a great CMS is tantamount to achieving such results in consumer websites. Our programmers took the final designs and incorporated them into our CMS producing a site that is visually exciting and completely self-managed by the client. The amazing staff at Discover now have the ability to publish new content immediately to their site easily maintaining the Magazine’s online integrity which has translated to an increase in online subscriptions,” says Charles McCoy, President of Avatar New York.

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