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Avatar New York introduces, the first site of its kind with downloadable tattoo line art, featuring the largest catalog of high quality original tattoo designs anywhere on the internet.  Search, preview, purchase, download, print.  Five easy steps and you have high-quality, customizable line art ready to transfer from carbon paper to your skin.  It’s original idea that makes defining yourself through body art easy. 

Avatar New York believes in simple solutions to create a sophisticated site.  Offering links and technology for shipment quotes, product highlights, sale items, multi-category shopping, top selling items, as well as an advanced e-commerce solution, Avatar New York has once again proven its status in the digital media world.  And what is an Avatar site without its award winning Content Management System?  Using the CMS, has the capability to run fresh content, log-in Artists, and upload new graphics, and more.  

This customer testimonial speaks for itself, “As soon as I came to your site and looked around I found 4 tattoos that I want to buy and get inked.  Your site was the most help out of all the others I looked at.  I got the tattoos today, and I'm thrilled with the quality!”

About Bullseye Tattoos
Bullseye Tattoos Inc. is the world's leading resource of tattoo body art, specializing in the creation, sales, and distribution of professional cutting edge tattoo designs, coupled with effective and innovative marketing concepts, which include licensing deals for vinyl graphics, stickers, temporary tattoos and graphic wraps, with BIC Lighters and VSI Vending Supply.

About Avatar New York
Avatar New York web design is technology-driven digital marketing agency. Avatar New York designs B2B digital solutions that generate leads, grow sales, and increase engagement. We build intelligent websites for any type of business.