Check Your Google Ad Without Affecting Performance

If your using google adwords for online advertising, you know that clicking on your ad is going to cost you (literally).  What you may not know, however, is that just viewing your ad in google search results can be just as costly.  If you are performing searches for your keywords and not clicking your ad, you are artificially increasing impressions and lowering your overall click through rate (CTR), which will ultimately impact (negatively) on how often your ad is displayed.  You may also stop seeing your ad appear altogether, as google will start to "think" your not interested and instead show you other ads.  So then, how do you test your ad?  Well, Google, of course has a tool for that.  You can test your ad (where it appears and how it looks in the results) by using Google's AdPreview Tool.  You can even adjust your location and/or device to see how that affects your placement.  For more information, checkout Google's Adwords Help Website on previewing your ad.