Certified scrum master in the house

Just wanted to let everyone know Avatar has a newly minted certified scrum master in our midst. And no, this has nothing to do with rugby - I think - right Tania?

Tania Guinsberg, one of our rock star PMs, completed an Agile Scrum certification course last week and aced her test soon after. Seeing our newly increased knowledge of the latest in scrum, we are reviewing our current methodology to see what improvements we can make.

One area where more improvement is never enough is making our work process more transparent and flexible both for our clients and our team. You can learn more during your next project with us.

But for now, congratulations to Tania for passing her exam with flying colors.

Tania's reply: "The word scrum comes from the game of rugby and is a strategy for getting an 'out of play' ball back into play quickly and efficiently. How does it apply to our work? Website development is an evolving, team-oriented environment where priorities and business requirements are in constant and subtle flux.

Scrum welcomes change, as it uses is an interactive development framework which allows for continual process of evaluation, planning, re-setting requirements, implementation and testing."

Thanks Tania!