Basecamp is retiring support for OpenID

If you noticed this banner after logging into basecamp recently, you are one of less than 1% of users that will need to change your login.

Basecamp OpenID message

37Signals is ditching OpenID logins. I'm not surprised, as all the geeky features I wanted to take advantage of (ical syncing, API Integration, etc), seemed to take a lot more effort. 37Signals admits, "What we've learned over the past three years is that it didn't actually make anything any simpler for the vast majority of our customers. Instead it just made things harder."

Luckily, it's pretty easy to switch:

  1. Login (for the last time using OpenID)
  2. Click "My info" in the top right corner next to your name
  3. Click "Edit your personal information"
  4. Under your OpenID, click the small link that says "Or use a normal user name"
  5. This will let you create a new user and new password.  Save Changes.
That's it.  Logout and Login again using your new username.  So long OpenID... it was fun err... annoying while it lasted...