Avatar New York Reveals the Success of Mobile Sites on Black Friday and Cyber Monday

New York, NY—Avatar New York, an agency specializing in web design in New York, discusses why mobile sites profited the most on Black Friday and Cyber Monday, and the importance of responsive design in relation to online retail.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday have always been true tests for online retailers. Will websites crash, or will they sustain the influx of constant traffic? Will retailers be able to meet demands? Will customers be able to shop seamlessly on their desktops or on their mobile devices? These are all questions brands and developers ask themselves when awaiting the chaos of holiday shopping.

While some online retailers, like Walmart, took center stage during the shopping holidays, others failed to operate all together, like Best Buy. Best Buy suffered a massive outage on Black Friday due to a traffic spike that could not be remedied without losing about an hour of precious selling time.  

As an expert in web design, New York developer and Avatar New York managing director Todd Johnson says outages from high concentrations of traffic can be avoided. “This is something that should have been tested rigorously before Black Friday and Cyber Monday,” he says. “In the development process, developers must make sure that the server can sustain such a high volume of traffic. It should be consistently monitored for glitches and other issues that could result in outages. Outages like this, on one of the busiest shopping days of the year, could mean a tremendous amount of lost revenue.”

However, some retailers were more than prepared for the shopping holidays. “Many of the brands that experienced significant online retail success had effective mobile sites,” Johnson said. “Walmart announced that 70 percent of its traffic and online orders from mobile devices during the period between Black Friday and Cyber Monday. PayPal also saw a 51 percent increase in mobile shoppers on Black Friday. Consumers are doing more and more shopping with their phones, and retailers that took note of that, reaped the rewards.”

Johnson says the most important takeaway from the big shopping weekend is that developers need to make more strides to include mobile payment options, and focus their creative energy building smart mobile websites for brands.

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