Avatar New York Reveals the 5 Must-Have Traits of Successful Web Developers

New York, NY—Avatar New York, an award winning New York web design firm, details what characteristics differentiate innovative, reliable web developers from mediocre designers.

While there are numerous platforms that can help businesses build websites, none are as precise or as creative as a real developer. However, choosing the right developer can be a challenge, especially for businesses that have no prior experience working with outside web design firm. Fortunately, there are characteristics that can help business owners weed out the run-of-the-mill designers from the truly gifted.

Todd Johnson, the managing director of Avatar New York, a leading New York web design firm, says there are five major telltale signs that a designer is committed to creating a high quality website. “First, you should take a look at their website,” he says. “Is it concurrent with industry trends? Does it paint a good picture of their own business?” If so, this means the developers have a good understanding of the design landscape and how to design an effective website. Once you’ve established that they are up-to-date with the latest trends, it’s best to look at their work page. If you see a wide variety of clients, impressive results or a plethora of testimonials, it’s usually a great sign. It means that they work well with clients and their range of expertise is extensive.”

Johnson reveals the five most important characteristics web design firms must possess to differentiate them from their mediocre competitors.

  • Their portfolio is filled with case studies and results, not just pictures of layouts.

  • They are experienced in the latest trends, such as responsive design and creating user-friendly websites.

  • They are reliable, informative, and maintain great project management skills.

  • Their clients are not afraid to sing them praise in the form of testimonials.

  • They do not just customize design; they design and develop intelligent websites.

“These characteristics are what make web design firms stand out from others,” he says. “Avatar New York is not just a web development agency. We also understand branding and marketing, so we can create better websites for our clients.”

Avatar New York is an innovating, award winning New York web design firm dedicated to providing clients with responsive websites that help grow brands and convert visitors to customers. With an expertise in web development, branding, cloud hosting, mobile app development, and CMS and e-commerce solutions, Avatar New York’s top tier designers have the ability to create intelligent websites for any type of business.