Avatar New York Reveals 5 Business Advantages of Cloud Hosting

New York, NY— Avatar New York is a trendsetting web design agency that offers a suite of digital solutions for businesses. The company’s web design New York team creates apps, builds websites and provides cloud hosting to clients who want to modernize their online presence.

According to Todd Johnson, managing director of Avatar New York, “Cloud hosting offers several business advantages. There are fewer operational problems compared to traditional servers. Cloud hosting is also cheaper, and it supports operational-expense business models.”

Johnson explained five business benefits of cloud computing:

1. Newer Business Models

Cloud services make it much easier to start new business initiatives. Some companies, such as Spotify, have created entirely new revenue streams just by taking advantage of cloud hosting. Thanks to the cloud, these businesses have a unique value proposition that leaves their competitors in the dust.

2. Fewer Operational Problems

Traditional servers are known for technical defects. Cloud hosting can prevent issues like the loss of data or a website crashing due to a server problem. With the cloud, businesses can deploy pre-built application services or server images, or use design patterns to define complete application landscapes.

3. Fast Exchange of Data

Cloud hosting allows IT teams and project managers to exchange resources quickly. These hosting services are highly automated and streamlined, which will cut down the amount of time it takes to bring a product from the development phase to the consumer market.

4. Improved Resource Usage

Because cloud computing streamlines the exchange of data, decreases operational problems and boosts efficiency, employees can spend their time completing more useful tasks that offer higher business value. People are the most important asset of any business, and the cloud lets companies use this asset more efficiently.

5. Fewer Capital Expenses

The value of moving capital expense, or CapEx, models to operational expense, or OpEx, models remains a highly debated topic. The truth is that OpEx models do not require long-term financial commitments, which makes them more attractive for businesses. The OpEx model requires zero upfront investment, allowing organizations to initiate projects quickly and complete them without losing any cloud service investments.

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