Avatar New York Reveals 4 Reasons to Prepare Apps for Windows 10

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According to Todd Johnson, managing director of the Avatar New York web design team, app developers are already making changes to usher in Windows 10. “Web developers who want to stay competitive must adapt to new operating systems,” explained Johnson. “Millions of people will use Windows 10, especially because it is free to Windows 7, 8 and 8.1 users.”

Here are four reasons why companies should optimize their apps for Windows 10:

1. Millions of People Will Use Windows 10

From homeowners to small businesses and large corporations, Microsoft is expecting millions of people to adopt Windows 10. The operating system promises unity across mobile, desktop, gaming, home theatre and the Internet of Things, which gives plenty of reason to make the transition.

2. It’s Easy to Port Android and iOS Apps to Windows 10

Microsoft is primarily a desktop operating system, but Windows 8 saw the company transitioning to mobile. Users and developers welcomed this release with lukewarm adoption rates, as developing and maintaining native apps for various platforms is challenging at best. Also, companies could not justify the resources, effort and expense of including Windows Phone 8.1 in their processes.

However, Windows 10 resolves this issue. Businesses can easily adapt mobile apps for Windows 10 Mobile.

Project Astoria offers tools to ensure proper integration of Windows 10 services while allowing the reuse of Android code for building compatible apps. Project Islandwood offers the same ease of portability but enables iOS developers to import Objective-C Xcode projects into Windows 10 Mobile.

3. Windows Apps Will Have Cross-Platform Functionality

Microsoft is continuing tradition with Windows 10, providing developers will tools to ensure legacy apps will function on Windows 10 and other APIs and services. Project Centennial will help companies prepare .NET Windows and Win32-based apps for its new release, including the ability to use the Windows Platform Bridge to offer apps in the Windows Store.

4. Keep Your Apps Relevant in the Future

Microsoft is now focusing on the Internet of Things. As enterprise, consumer and industry solutions start rolling out, the revenues and impact of IoT will skyrocket, revolutionizing the human-computer relationship as smaller and cheaper hardware, real-world application and Internet proliferation continue to advance rapidly.

Instead of “maker” boards, such as Arduino or Raspberry Pi2, companies can now use Windows 10 IoT Core to ensure UWP apps run flawlessly on maker boards. Using Windows 10, businesses can extend apps to join the IoT revolution.

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