Avatar New York Reveals 2 Ways User Experience Will Determine Online Success in the Future

New York, NY— Website development company Avatar New York helps companies establish a profitable online presence with web design, mobile app creation and branding services. According to the web design New York team at Avatar, optimizing the user experience is the present and future of website development.

"User experience should be the foundation of every design element on a webpage," explained Todd Johnson, managing director of Avatar New York. "Easy navigation, mobile responsiveness and a concise layout can encourage users to interact with your site, and to invest in your products or services."

Every element of a website's design affects the user experience. From the location of navigation bars to the length of paragraphs, these aspects require careful attention to encourage visitor engagement.

Here are two ways that the importance of user experience will evolve in the future:

1. The quality of the user experience will become just as important as the value of the product or service.

Many businesses and webmasters focus on perfecting the conversion system on a site. They simplify the most important interactions, such as signup and checkout. However, the future of website design will involve focusing on all aspects of the user experience – not just conversions.

Companies have to view every interaction and think of them as a whole to create the best user experience. This should be the foundation of the entire design process – from the initial planning phase to the launch – as well as any subsequent upgrades to the site.

2. Small details will determine which websites and apps are most successful.

Web developers often focus on the broad picture when creating the user experience. They want to minimize the number of steps it takes to convert a visitor into a customer. However, the future of UX design involves paying careful attention to the small details and perfecting each of them to optimize the overall user experience.

For example, it is no longer sufficient only to focus on the number of clicks and screens a user must navigate to perform an action. Attention is shifting toward perfecting the tiny details of each screen and click so that the process feels more natural to the user. This approach also demonstrates that the business is attentive to details, which can support their online branding efforts.

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