Avatar New York Provides 7 Tips to Improve a Website's Performance after Google's "Mobilegeddon" Update

Google has once again emphasized its preference of mobile-friendly sites with its most recent update, which webmasters have coined "Mobilegeddon." Google mobile search update has had an impact on websites that are not responsive to mobile visitors. The only way to maintain competitive Google rankings and stay ahead of competitors is to use a design that complements multiple devices.

This year, for the first time ever, mobile users are surpassing desktop users in search queries by as many as 200 million. Simply having a business website is not enough to attract and engage Internet users. Browsers expect a responsive design that is easy to navigate on tablets, smartphones and other devices.

Google's biggest changes include:

  • Search engine spiders will analyze each page of your website for mobile compatibility and promote only the pages that mobile users can access.
  • The algorithm functions in real time, which means that rankings will resume when your site becomes compatible with mobile devices.
  • Top-heavy content, page loading speed and other factors that affect desktop rankings influence mobile results.
  • Data from indexed Android apps affect page rankings.
  • User experience has more influence when returning search results.

Google's Mobile-Friendly Test tool will allow you to see how all of your pages perform.

To ensure you're getting the most out of your business website, follow these five steps:

1. Implement a Responsive Design

Instead of retrofitting HTML-built sites or apps for responsiveness, move your site to a compatible content management system, such as Drupal, Joomla or WordPress.

2. Deep Link Android Apps

If an Android app links to your site, deep link it and get it indexed. You can use Google's App Indexing for Google Search tool to deep link apps.

3. Reconsider Your Hosting Plan

If necessary, upgrade your site's hosting plan. Google penalizes slow-loading pages, and because cheap plans are notoriously slow, you will suffer with lower rankings.

4. Learn Google's Webmaster Tools

Google's Webmaster Tools are available to help webmasters manage their sites and identify indexing errors. These data are invaluable for complying with Google mobile update and generating maximum traffic.

5. Use Analytics

Google Analytics and similar tools offer insights into a site's performance, online traffic, bounce rates and more. These data can help you develop optimal key performance indicators and improve your content – both of which will boost search rankings.

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