Avatar New York Provides 4 Tips for Website Sound Design

Avatar New York is a web development agency that offers a suite of digital business solutions, including website design, app creation and cloud hosting. With these services, Avatar New York web design helps businesses attract new consumers and increase revenues.

While your website design should be aesthetically pleasing, you may want to experiment with the element of audible appeal. Avatar New York provides you with 4 tips that will assure that your web sound design is implemented properly and is, in turn, effective.

  1. Background music. The end goal is to create a website that enhances the user’s experience rather than being an annoyance. With that being said, you should be weary of adding in background music. Upon surfing the web, users may already be listening to their own music and the background music may distract or irritate them. However, there are some exceptions in the case that background music makes sense to your company and serves a clear purpose
    (see tip 2).

  2. No auto-play. When your site needs music or noise to enhance the site or demonstrate the purpose of your page, do not play it without advising the user that it is coming. Give them the option to easily pause or mute the track if, in fact, they would rather do without it.

  3. Short sounds. If you must use sounds, we suggest keeping them short and to the point. All audio should serve a purpose and sound should halt directly afterwards, eliminating any continued and unwarranted noise. This will likely eliminate any risk of annoyance or frustration that excessive noise can cause.

  4. Consistent sound and design. The sounds playing should coincide with the theme and vibe of your website. For example, if your page is calm and serene in its design, the sounds should mimic those same feelings. Make sure that any sounds enhance and reinforce the website’s purpose and energy, as opposed to taking away or distracting from it.

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