Avatar New York Offers 5 Tips to Strengthen Cloud Security

New York, NY— Avatar New York is an award-winning web development agency that offers a suite of digital business solutions, including app creation, cloud hosting and website development.

According to Todd Johnson, managing director of Avatar’s web design New York team, “Cloud hosting offers exceptional security, which is one reason why so many businesses are using the cloud for networking. However, it is still important that companies invest in professional cloud hosting services to protect their files, applications and data from the latest cyber-threats.”

Johnson offered five tips to help businesses keep their cloud system secure:

1. Invest in powerful features for data security.

Your cloud system should feature encryption controls and antivirus programs. The servers that make up the system should have security controls to make sure data is safe during transmission. A firewall can also strengthen the security of a cloud system.

2. Ensure backups are always available.

Companies with lots of sensitive data should try to find a hosting service that offers backup support. Some businesses choose to set up automatic backups to a different server or a portable hard drive. A reliable backup system will ensure that your data is safe if an unexpected event compromises your cloud storage.

3. Perform occasional testing on your cloud system.

Specifically, you should test your cloud for conjunctional performance with its security features. Companies can hire ethical hackers to look for vulnerabilities and provide recommendations for tightening security.

4. Use data redundancy.

Redundancy is the use of data that exists in addition to actual data. Its purpose is to allow for the correction of errors in transmitted or stored data. Redundancy often involves storing files on internal drives, which can be more difficult to break into than external servers.

5. Use as many permissions and data access accounts as possible.

The more people who have access to your data, the higher the chance of a security breach. Setting permissions and creating data access accounts will limit each network member’s ability to modify files. Not only does this lower the chance of a security issue, but it can also help a company identify the person responsible if a data breach happens.

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