Avatar New York Offers 5 Tips for Internationalizing an App for Maximum Downloads

New York, NY— Avatar New York is a trend-setting web development company that combines innovative design with practical functionality. According to company's web design New York team, app programmers around the globe are starting to use internationalization to encourage more downloads.

According to Avatar New York's managing director Todd Johnson, "Internationalization involves a lot more than translating text. Different countries have unique keyboards, dates and qualities that app designers must consider."

The Apple App Store caters to more than 150 countries and 40 languages. For businesses that want their app to reach this expansive pool of downloaders, here are five tips for internationalization:

1. Translate the text.

Google Translate and similar software have their merits, but they often produce awkward wording and improper grammar. Other services, such as OneSky, Babble-on and Localize, may provide more accurate translations. Businesses should also consider hiring a professional translator to review the content.

2. Use the applicable date and time formats.

Localizing an app requires the correct formatting. Apple makes it possible to display the date and time in a wide variety of languages. Developers can also write energy, mass and length for different countries.

3. Include the proper keyboard.

Different languages demand unique keyboards, and your app must feature the appropriate keyword for the country and language of downloaders. Apple provides access to 50 international keyboards.

4. Optimize the title and description.

Although translation software may be able to rewrite the title and description of your app, it may not contain the appropriate keywords in that language. Developers should optimize the translations to help users find the app.

5. Include screenshots in the description.

Description screenshots can improve the download rates of almost any app. The best screenshots should be the first two, because these will appear in the list of results in a keyword search.

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