Avatar New York Offers 4 Tips for Measuring AdWords Performance with Google Analytics

New York, NY— Avatar New York uses the latest design technology to build cutting-edge websites and apps. According to the company's New York web design team, Google AdWords is one of the most effective ways to target and attract new visitors to a website.

"AdWords is effective for both branding and conversions," explained Todd Johnson, managing director of Avatar New York. "Businesses can introduce their products or services to a targeted audience, and by linking to a conversion page, AdWords makes it easy for companies to sell products or services."

Google Analytics offers crucial data, such as click-through rates and impressions, to help advertisers improve their AdWords campaigns. Here are four tips to help you measure your AdWords performance with Google Analytics:

1. Analyze All AdWords Metrics

Companies often neglect to measure all aspects of their AdWords performance, particularly what happens after the user clicks the ad. It is important to know if visitors are finding what they expect from the ad, and if they are interacting with your site instead of exiting immediately.

Measuring post-click performance and engagement is easy with Google Analytics. In particular, the metrics for "time on site" and "bounce rate" can help advertisers separate conversions from bounces.

2. Create an AdWords Dashboard

Google Analytics allows you to create an AdWords dashboard, which helps you navigate the performance metrics of your advertisements. The dashboard can highlight important information, such as bounce rates and visits, by keyword, landing page or campaign. This allows you to analyze the performance of several variables and use that data to optimize conversions and visitor engagement.

3. Add a Paid Search Dashboard

You can also create a dashboard in Google Analytics for paid search metrics. This will offer more than bounce rate and performance analyses; it will allow you to measure advanced metrics, such as targeting techniques, micro-conversions and downloads. Paid search costs money, but taking advantage of these metrics can help you maximize the return on investment.

4. Set Intelligence Alerts

After linking Google AdWords with Google Analytics, you can set intelligence alerts to recognize certain metrics and changes, such as an increase in bounce rate. With intelligence alerts, you can identify positive and negative changes related to your website or any of your campaigns.

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