Avatar New York Now Green on Both Sides of the Fence

Since it's founding, New York Web Design firm Avatar New York has been proactive in their part to protecting our environment.  From replacing bottled water with a filtration system, to recycling electronics and trash, hibernating computers, using energy efficient light bulbs, and choosing vendors that follow green practices, Avatar New York endeavors to maintain and learn new methods in which to contribute to greener work and lifestyles.  And now, as a certified Green-e Marketplace company, Avatar New York can say that they are working to make the grass greener on both sides of the fence.

Avatar New York recently received accreditation from Green-e and now bears the Green-e Seal of Approval.  The seal represents a commitment to reduce energy emissions by purchasing renewable energy certificates or (RECs) from approved renewable energy sources. is a subsidiary of the Center for Resource Solutions, a non-profit that researches climate change and provides initiatives and programs that effectively combat the negative impacts of man-made pollution.

Avatar New York has joined forces with the Carbon Solutions Group to offset 100% of their annual electricity usage.  They are accomplishing this goal by purchasing Biomass renewable energy to encourage the development of new renewable energy generation facilities across the country.  

Biomass renewable energy uses energy from plants and plant derived products, most specifically food crops, grassy and woody plants, residues from agriculture or forestry, and the organic component of municipal and industrial wastes. The use of biomass can reduce dependence on foreign oil because bio-fuels are the only renewable liquid transportation fuels available. Biomass energy can greatly reduce GHGs as they release about the same amount of carbon dioxide as is captured in their photosynthesis. Additionally, Biomass energy supports U.S. agricultural and forest-product industries. 

Avatar New York is comprised of a diverse team, but one aspect they share is a deep respect for the world outside of the virtual marketplace that they work in.  Now, more than ever, Avatar New York is making an even greater push to ensure a clean and beautiful future for our planet.  Avatar New York encourages its clients, partners, and competitors to do the same.