Avatar New York Lists The Top 3 Essential Features When Designing For An E-Commerce Website

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  1. User friendly. If your website’s purpose is to sell items, the navigation should be easy to understand. If a potential customer is looking for something specific to purchase, it should be simple to search for through a sectioned layout or search bar. Users are less likely to become frustrated and take their business elsewhere if navigational features are provided clearly on the home page. Your primary goal should be to create a smooth experience from the home page to the checkout page that avoids confusion by being user-friendly. Additionally, every page for an online store must include a “terms and conditions of sale” page to avoid any legal trouble.  

  2. Compatibility. Your online store should be compatible amongst a variety of devices to ensure easy access. With the popularity of smartphones and tablets continuing to rise, more users are likely to use these devices to browse the web and shop. Creating a mobile application to simplify shopping on these devices even further is a great way to adapt. Otherwise, make sure that your site has a responsive design and that the web page is able to configure to the screen size of each individual device.

  3. Images. When trying to sell a product online, photos and images are of the utmost importance because the items are not tangible. People are more influenced to make a purchase when they are exposed to eye-catching images that are large in size and combined with a “call to action”. When enlarging images, however, be sure that it doesn’t affect your load times too drastically. Utilize CSS sprites or other programs that allow several images to load quickly and easily.  

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