Avatar New York launches new website for Goodwill NY / NJ

Working with a large, multi-division organization has it's own particular set of challenges and rewards. Rebuilding Goodwill NY / NJ main website used by consituents, the general public and staff members, was no different. On Wednesday, after several months of detailed planning, scruplous site architecting, carefully considered design, and meticulous front-end and code development, we finally "flipped the switch."

We knew we had our work cut out for us from the beginning. The new website forms the foundation of Goodwill NY-NJ’s outreach to a diverse set of visitors, including providing an online portal to programs and services for people with disabilities and other individuals to overcome barriers to employment and become participating members of society.

“Critical to a successful launch of the new Goodwill NY/NJ website was the understanding Goodwill NY /NJ as an organization,” says Geoff Nazzaro, Avatar New York’s Chief Information Architect. “As is always the case, once we understand a business or organization, the site architecture, design, and tool set fall into place.”

In addition to a re-envisioning the design and the many online tools visitors depend on to stay in touch with the Goodwill NY/NJ, the website build includes a number of modern design and technology features including:

• Flexible and easy to use CMS platform

• Modern, user-centric design and navigation

• Content accessibility compliance

• Scalable, PCI compliant, cloud-based hosting services

“We are extremely pleased with the new site,” says Karen Means, Goodwill’s EVP PR/Marketing, Government and Community Relations. “The information and resources included in our site supports our work to help enhance the lives of our constituents and the success of our organization. The website reflects our mission and represents a big leap forward for our organization. We look forward to working with Avatar New York as our organization continues to grow and evolve.”

We are extremely please with the result as well. Working with Goodwill NY/NJ was one of the highlights of 2012.

Check out the Case Study in our Portfolio section.