Avatar New York Identifies 4 Ways Mobile Devices Influence Web Designers

New York, NY— Avatar New York is an award-winning web development agency. With innovative websites customized for each company's clientele, Avatar New York helps businesses attract customers, increase revenue and bolster their online presence.

Avatar New York keeps business owners informed of the latest web design New York trends so they can stay competitive in the digital marketplace. The increasing demand for mobile-friendly content is affecting how web designers are approaching new projects.

"At one time, consumers mostly accessed the web with desktops and laptops, but that's no longer the case," says Todd Johnson, managing director of Avatar New York. "Now, families own multiple mobile devices with various screen sizes and expect to use their phones and tablets interchangeably without compromising quality."

Here are four ways web designers can adapt to the rise in mobile-device use:

1. Longer web pages are becoming the norm.

Now that people use the Internet on phones and tablets, they find that it's easier to scroll than to click. When using a small device, scrolling through a long page of content reads more easily than clicking links to navigate pages. As a result, web pages are longer than ever before.

2. Bigger images are necessary for e-commerce.

According to comScore, more than 198 million U.S. consumers made online purchases in the first quarter of 2014. Before many purchases, consumers want to zoom in on images of the product. On larger screens, hovering over images easily creates a zoomed-in view. Web designers add boxes, text or even magnifying glasses to alert mobile users that they can enlarge an image.

3. Larger spaces between links simplify navigation.

Navigating a mobile device with your finger poses more challenges than using a mouse on a computer.
It's easy to inadvertently tap the wrong link because of size limitations. Therefore, web designers need to add extra padding, which can translate into 10 to 15 pixels between links.

4. Responsive web design is essential for seamless transitions.

People expect to get the same quality no matter what device they use. Because users visit the same websites on devices of different sizes and capabilities, web designers must make the process effortless. The use of liquid layouts and CSS grid systems make it possible to facilitate code without too much effort.

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