Avatar New York Identifies 4 Common Mobile Design Pitfalls

New York, NY— Avatar New York is an award-winning web development company. With innovative websites customized for each business's clientele, Avatar New York helps companies attract new clients, increase revenue and bolster their online presence.

Avatar New York keeps business owners up to date on the latest web design New York trends so they can get the most out of their online presence. Businesses have three options for creating a mobile online presence: mobile websites, responsive design and native applications. No matter which route a business takes, avoiding common mistakes in carrying out these options puts the company on track for success.

According to Todd Johnson, managing director of Avatar New York, "There are pros and cons to all three options, depending on the goals of your project. However, mobile design is becoming so critical, due to the proliferation of smartphones and the evolution of SEO, not providing a mobile solution can seriously damage your website's performance and your business' reputation."

Here are four common mobile design pitfalls:

1. Complicated Forms

Website visitors tend to dislike long contact forms regardless of the platform. However, lengthy contact forms on mobile devices are particularly frustrating because of the smaller screens and touch-screen keypads. It is best to keep mobiles forms simple by only asking for essential contact information.

2. Closely Spaced Clickable Icons and Links

When dealing with a small device, clickable icons and links spaced too close together make navigation awkward. It becomes too easy to click on the wrong icon or link by accident. The rule of thumb is to allow 10 to 20 pixels between icons and links. Larger icons and buttons promote navigation as well as user engagement.

3. Mobile Incompatible Content

Web content is still often conceived with a desktop perspective. This is understandable considering that content management often occurs using a desktop computer. But with more than 50% of web traffic occurring on mobile devices, not considering phone or tablet view can cause serious usability issues with page load time and content display. Furthermore, mobile browsers on older phones may not have the necessary plugins or codecs to play video and audio.

4. Attempting to do too much on mobile

Mobile users are not looking to accomplish "big things" on their devices. Instead, they use mobile devices to quickly access information or accomplish simple, repeatable tasks. Gearing a mobile solution toward completing such goals, will not only benefit your users, but increase the odds they stick around or come back often.

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