Avatar New York Hired for Trusted Virtual Hands


IntraLinks, a globally distinguished company specializing in the secure exchange of confidential information over the Internet accepts bid from experts at Avatar New York to update and mature Intralink’s company image.  

Among the qualifications during the competitive bidding of Intralink’s change-out were “expertise in the field in application development,” “a high-end portfolio with proven results,” and “extensive and up-to-date knowledge in information architecture and usability design.”  Impeccable excellence in these areas gained Avatar New York the contract to redesign Intralinks’ site.

Providing IntraLinks with a seamless navigational system and an intelligent Content Management System, Avatar New York astounded IntraLinks and their affiliates.  United by the fine design work and an improved, compelling homepage Avatar New York offers Intralinks clients a solid, branded image of what IntraLinks represents—reliability in their trusted virtual hands.

About Avatar New York
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