Avatar New York Gives Top 4 Tips to Improve Web Conversion Rates

Avatar New York is an award-winning web design agency. The company helps businesses increase revenue and enhance brand awareness with innovative websites, mobile app development and cloud hosting services.

The end goal in designing and creating an appealing website is to generate sales through increased web traffic. Avatar New York discusses a few factors you should consider during the production of your site that are sure to up your conversion rates.

  1. Responsive design. It is important to make sure that your website is appealing and functions properly on all different platforms. Many webpages are browsed on cell phones and tablets today, so ensuring that your design is appealing and operates well is crucial.

  2. Simplicity. Clean and crisp designs are much more appealing to consumers than ones that are made up of clutter and noise. A lot of chaos throughout your website may even slow down loading, making the experience more frustrating. People will be much more appreciative of a simple, clean, and quick webpage.

  3. No stock photos. If your goal is to convey professionalism and for consumers to gain trust in your business, stock photos should not be used throughout your site. Get professional photos of your work and your associates taken to give the consumer a real inside look. Otherwise, you may risk a lack of confidence from potential buyers.

  4. Easy to contact. Ensure that the way to contact your company is easy and apparent right from the home page. Consumers may be looking to get in touch with you or ask a question via the web as opposed to over the phone, so having a contact form is imperative. This allows for the gathering of information in one user-friendly space.

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