Avatar New York Gives 3 Tips to Simplify Your Web Design Process

Avatar New York is an award-winning agency that specializes in web design. The New York web design company helps businesses increase revenue and enhance brand awareness with innovative websites, mobile app development and cloud hosting services.

Planning is a crucial part of a well executed web design. Preparation, organization, and thorough documentation, not only take much of risk out of web design, but also make it easy and fun. You will also save time in the end as well as achieve a higher quality outcome. Below Avatar New York outlines three tips to follow while designing your next website.

  1. Post-it planning. Jot ideas about your website on sticky notes. Sticky notes will preserve your ideas as well as help keep them simple. If an idea cannot be expressed on a sticky note, it is probably too complex and needs to be simplified or discarded. Sticky notes can also be pasted next to each other and moved around, facilitating a flexible story about how your website works.

  2. Know the flow. Moving beyond ideas and documenting the processes that drive your website is an important next step. These documents are often referred to as workflows. For example, if your website requires user registration, map out exactly how the user should proceed through the registration process, as well as logging in afterward. Workflows help you get into the mind of your website’s visitors and will be extremely useful both during design and development.

  3. Don’t rush. While you may want your website up yesterday, it needs to perform optimally tomorrow. Rushing through the creative process always leads to significant oversights, unrecognizable until late in the process or after launch. Before diving into design or development, start with the fundamentals, such as sitemapping and wireframing. The level of detail will depend on your website’s complexity, ranging from rough drawings on paper to documents created using software.

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