Avatar New York Gives 3 Tips to Improve Website Performance on Mobile

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With a large portion of users surfing the web via mobile devices, it is important to optimize the performance of your website on mobile devices. If pages load slowly on mobile devices, users may leave, resulting in lost sales or conversions. Avatar New York gives 3 mobile design tips that will improve performance and overall user experience.

  1. Reduce size of images. Images displayed on mobile devices should be of minimal size. High resolution images take longer to load and reducing their size can make a large difference in performance Additionally, some images can become a distraction on mobile devices and should be removed altogether. Planning ahead for image use across devices is key to a high performance website.

  2. Remove interactive elements. Many design elements that work well on desktops can reduce performance on mobile devices. Two examples are popups and dropdowns. One strategy is to avoid these types of elements all together - and this may be possible on simple websites. But even if you do require such elements on your website’s desktop design, workarounds are possible on mobile devices to prevent a negative experience. Once again planning ahead is key.

  3. Use touch events instead of click events. For optimal performance, touch screens require different behaviors than a clickable interface. For example, link clicks incur a small delay so that the browser can account for other possible actions. This delay is not necessary for touchscreens. While the click event delay is very short, replacing click events with touch events on mobile devices can significantly affect a user’s perception of performance.

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