Avatar New York Gives 3 Tips to Aid in the Creation of A Multilingual Website

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If your website caters to multiple international regions or user groups, you may want to consider offering your web pages in more than one language. Maintaining a multilingual website can be complex, but Avatar New York gives you 3 tips to help you carry out the process seamlessly.

  1. Translate. Translating the text on your website can be an expensive and time consuming task. Fortunately, several options exist including traditional translation services, online translation services that serve translated content directly to your web pages, as well as automatic translations services that translate web pages as they are loaded into the browser. Opting for professional translations guarantees accuracy but requires more work and cost. Automatic translations can be economical and efficient but are not as accurate.

  2. Language Options. Make translated languages easy to access by listing available languages, for example, in a dropdown menu in a consistent location on your website, such as the header. Users can then select which language they would like to read while browsing the website.

  3. Layout. Your website’s layout needs to support the languages available on the website. For example, the website’s navigation must accommodate different word lengths between languages. Also not all languages are read from left to right. Taking such nuances into account when designing the website, can make a big difference in your multilingual website’s usability.

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