Avatar New York Discusses the Value of Customer-Centric Web Design

New York, NY— Avatar New York has built a reputation for combining creativity and functionality to produce cutting-edge websites. According to Todd Johnson, managing director of Avatar New York, customer-centric websites are the latest web design New York trend.

“UX and quality content have never been more important,” explained Johnson. “For the last few years, these factors have been at the heart of Google’s algorithm updates.”

While graphic designers may prioritize the visual appeal of a website – and appearance is still important – the user experience will ultimately determine a site’s success. Modern webmasters are personalizing their designs for readers, which helps convert web surfers into web customers.

According to Johnson, “A customer-centric design provides the information that consumers demand and is easy to navigate. This not only can help a site’s SEO, but it will also maximize the conversion rate. The design of a customer-centric site will support buyers through their purchasing journey, instead of focusing solely on sales and promotional offers in the hope they will interest someone.“

Not too long ago, web developers designed sites based solely on the company’s qualifications, sales points and business goals. While these factors are important, there is another consideration that must have priority: how the company solves the customers’ problems.

There is always a reason why an Internet user visits a particular site. Some want to make a direct purchase; others want to download an app or learn something new. Whatever the reason, the purpose of the visit should drive the website’s design, and the design should make solving the visitors’ problems as easy and convenient as possible.

Companies that make an effort to understand their target audience, as well as their needs and challenges, will be in a better position to solve their problems. This research will guide every aspect of digital marketing – from the website’s features to the social media strategy, content plan and pay-per-click ad design.

On a smaller scale, a customer-centric website will tailor its content to the consumer. Every snippet of text, video clip and infographic should appeal to the target demographic. With this approach, a company’s website design and digital media can become its most profitable marketing assets.

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