Avatar New York Discusses the Value of App "Review Mining"

New York, NY— Avatar New York is a web design company that helps businesses attract new customers and modernize their brand with innovative websites and apps. According to the New York web design team at Avatar, "review mining" is an emerging trend that allows businesses to improve their apps and learn about competitors.

Review mining involves compiling reviews about a business app – and those of competitors – and analyzing them to improve services and come to other constructive conclusions. "All reviews are valuable," says Todd Johnson, managing director of Avatar New York. "Negative reviews provide the most useful information. They often include concrete examples of areas where a company can improve. However, 5-star reviews can help a company identify its strongest sales points."

As of January 2015, there were more than 1.4 million apps in the Apple App Store alone. Despite this, the number of reviews is still low, so businesses should take advantage of all app feedback – especially if it discusses performance issues.

Here are the advantages of app review mining:

1. Learn Crash Conditions

It is not uncommon for an app to crash repeatedly for only a small percentage of total users, which can make it hard to determine the cause. App reviews often include details about the specific conditions associated with a crash, and these can be the bases for improvement.

2. Identify Subtle Issues

Some bugs are minor enough that consumers won't complain about them, but small issues can still hurt the overall user experience. Examples include poorly positioned buttons or unappealing graphics. If a person leaves negative feedback about a seemingly minor problem, it is probably not an isolated issue and is worth fixing.

3. Assess the Competition

Competitor reviews can reveal which functions their users like and don't like. These can help app designers prepare for updates by separating intelligent improvements from changes that are not worth pursuing.

4. Gauge the Success of App Updates

The best developers update their apps regularly to improve the user experience. If an update has issues, users are likely to report them in reviews.

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