Avatar New York Discusses the Future of Flat Website Design

New York, NY— Avatar New York is a web development agency that has built a reputation on innovation and creativity. The web design New York firm offers app development, website design and branding services to companies that want to stay competitive in the digital marketplace.

According to Todd Johnson, Avatar New York’s managing director, “There has been a gradual reemergence of flat website design in recent months. The simple appearance makes webpages more user friendly by removing the unnecessary clutter of overly complex websites.”

Early examples of flat design were skeletal. Developers wanted to remove all nonessential elements from the skeuomorphic era so designs would be truly flat. Today, flat design includes touches of ornamentation and flair. Modern developers have found ways to add a unique twist to flat websites by mixing design languages and using trendy interfaces.

Known as “Flat 2.0” or “Almost Flat,” the latest era of flat design has inspired developers around the globe. The most striking examples feature parallax scrolling, which helps site visitors navigate from thought to thought one flat “screen” at a time.

The reemergence of flat design is a testament to its staying power. Designers may experiment with new techniques, but they will maintain a minimalist appearance that encourages user interaction.

Flat design prioritizes usability over appearance. UI elements and tools must have a uniform look to ensure users can navigate sites easily – regardless of the page they’re on or the device they use. Every click, tap or button has a purpose, and a flat design makes it easy for visitors to comprehend the purpose of a page’s elements. For example, the hamburger icon now signifies a collapsible menu for easier navigation. The simple line set is now a familiar symbol for interacting across-the-board with a site’s submenu.

Many of these sites now include photos, which was almost unheard of in the early days of flat design. This is because a flat website does not need clever icons to replace photos solely for appearing modern and creative.

Nowadays, flat design is not an “all in” or “all out” practice. Each individual component can work effectively on its own or form part of a much bigger system. More developers are experimenting with combinations of designs, also known as “flat hybrids.” These may very well be the future of flat design because they combine a simple layout and modern aesthetics without compromising the usability of a website.

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