Avatar New York Discusses the Anticipated Arrival of React Native for Mobile Developers

New York, NY— Avatar New York is an award-winning web design company based in New York City. With innovative website designs tailored to each business’s clientele, Avatar New York helps companies attract new customers, enhance their online presence and increase revenue.

Avatar New York keeps business owners up to date with the latest, most effective design techniques so they get the most out of their online traffic. The company explains how web design New York awaits the arrival of Facebook’s React Native, which is going to change the world of mobile app development.

React Native is an improvement to the immensely popular React JavaScript library for mobile app development. According to Todd Johnson, managing director of Avatar New York, “React Native appears similar to React, but native controls designed for specific platforms will enhance its usability.” These new controls are replacing the broader DOM elements of the previous version.

Social media giant Facebook developed the original React. Designing apps with React involves the use of JSX, a declarative and JavaScript extension, to design HTML layouts.  

JSX enables the defining of HTML style elements in React, which are then pre-processed and transformed into functions that prompt the relevant HTML elements. While React Native uses a similar approach to create user interfaces, it does not bind to HTML elements; rather, React Native exposes several custom classes that connect to the underlying components of a native user interface such as editable text fields and views.

With React Native, app developers can avoid native and standard web approaches to app design. React Native is more responsive than other web technologies, such as HTML 5 and JavaScript, especially when users are touch handling the mobile app. The interface provides direct access to the native components of a user interface, allowing developers to avoid alternative, complex scripts.

Although React Native is not yet available to the public, it is already fully functional. App developers have used the technology to create several apps including the Facebook Groups iOS App.

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