Avatar New York Discusses 5 Ways Businesses Benefit from Cloud Computing

New York, NY— Avatar New York is an award-winning web design company. With creative websites tailored to each business's clientele, Avatar New York web design helps companies attract new customers, enhance their online presence and increase revenue.

Avatar New York keeps business owners up to date with the latest, most effective design techniques so they get the most out of their online traffic. Cloud-hosting services help businesses stay competitive by allowing them to use hosting services as needed, based on the demands of their website.

According to IBM, U.S. businesses spent more than $13 billion on cloud computing and managed hosting services in 2014. Todd Johnson, managing director of Avatar New York, explains, "Cloud-hosting services make it possible for businesses to become more efficient, as well as manage costs reliably and securely."

Here are five ways businesses benefit from cloud computing:

1. It's easy to update software.

Widespread storage updates pose a considerable challenge for both small and large businesses. However, cloud-hosting providers handle all system and security updates for their clients, making the entire process smoother.

2. Data storage is simple to manage.

Businesses deal with increasing and decreasing amounts of data on a regular basis. In the past, companies invested a lot of time and money expanding storage and upgrading servers. There is no end to the scalability of the cloud, which makes it ideal for the fluctuating data-storage needs of many businesses. Moreover, in many cases, cloud service providers make the changes instantly.

3. Collaboration is seamless.

Cloud computing allows collaboration. Employees can work together no matter where they are located. Cloud-hosting components, including web and video conferencing, task management, shared virtual workspaces and file sharing, support collaboration.

4. Businesses spend less on technology.

Purchasing and maintaining computer hardware and software is expensive. However, with cloud computing, providers maintain the infrastructure. In addition, businesses only pay for services used.

5. The cloud is a secure form of data storage.

Although storing business data off site may seem like a security risk, it is one of the most secure options for storing data. Cloud service providers offer encrypted passwords and advanced security-monitoring software to protect sensitive data.

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