Avatar New York Discusses 5 Ways Apps Help Companies Grow

New York, NY— Avatar New York is an award-winning web design company. With innovative websites customized for each business’ clientele, Avatar New York helps companies attract new customers, increase revenue and enhance their online presence.

Avatar New York keeps business owners informed of the latest web design New York trends so they can stay competitive in the digital marketplace. One way for businesses to compete is by offering the latest technological developments, such as mobile applications, to their customers. When apps are well designed and include features important to consumers, companies benefit in many ways.

According to Todd Johnson, managing director of Avatar New York, "An app can dramatically increase growth for a company. The key is for the app to add value for the customer."

Here are five ways apps help companies grow:

1. They expand the network of customers.

The ease and convenience of business apps attract customers who don't necessarily want to connect to the website to do business. With social-media integration, including Facebook, Twitter and others, customers can share a business with their network almost instantly. Word of mouth and peer recommendations make a big difference in customer growth. As a result, social-media marketing creates an ever-expanding circle of customers.

2. They allow businesses to target specific customers.

Features like push notifications make it easy for businesses to deliver customized information directly to their customers' devices. Businesses can target certain segments for advertising purposes. For example, companies can advertise promotions and special events to existing and repeat customers.

3. They provide an extra avenue for revenue growth.

An app gives customers an additional way to purchase products and services, instead of being limited to website purchases. The more ways businesses can make sales, the more opportunities they have to build income. In addition to selling products and services, businesses can charge for app upgrades or in-app purchases.

4. They increase brand recognition.

Brand recognition leads to a company's growth. When customers have a business’ app on a mobile device, it stays on their screen. A business logo on a mobile screen is a constant reminder to the customer that he or she needs your products and services.

5. They improve communication.

Customers appreciate being able to reach a business via an app 24 hours a day, seven days a week without having to visit a website. Furthermore, businesses can respond to questions and concerns in real time, which makes your company appear more reliable and strengthens the customer-business relationship.

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