Avatar New York Discusses 5 Easy Website Design Improvements

New York, NY— Avatar New York is a website development company that has built a reputation on innovation and creativity. The agency uses the latest design technology to tailor each webpage to the business's unique clientele. In this way, Avatar New York web design helps companies improve their branding and attract new customers.

According to Avatar New York, the goal of many business websites is to produce direct revenue and measurable profit. If a site is not effective, there are several quick ways to improve it.

"When a business invests in a website, they want high visibility and a great user experience," says Todd Johnson, managing director of Avatar New York. "Each decision that goes into designing a business site is important, and small details can make a big difference."

Here are five simple tips for tweaking a webpage for optimum performance:

1. Remove the sidebars.

Sidebars were popular for most of the last decade. However, by removing the sidebars, you may find that readers pay more attention to your content and the calls to action.

2. Enlarge the font.

If visitors cannot read the text on a webpage, they are likely to leave the site right away. Make sure the font is large enough for easy readability. Also, be sure to increase the font sizes for headings to make them stand out.

3. Try web fonts.

Web fonts, such as those available from Google Fonts, are more legible than traditional fonts. Modern websites look more reputable when you incorporate web fonts.

4. Eliminate carousels.

Slideshows and carousels are parts of a gradually fading trend. Although they allow businesses to put a lot of information on the homepage, they can also be visually distracting.

Many visitors will not stay on the page long enough to look at all of the tiles. Instead, choose one area of focus to place the most engaging and important content.

5. Place social media icons in the right place.

Over the last few years, the standard placement for social media icons was in the header. However, designers are starting to place them in the footer as this allows visitors to scroll through the entire page before being presented with the option to visit a social site.

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