Avatar New York Discusses 4 Website Design Mishaps

Avatar New York is a web development company that has designed award-winning sites for businesses in a range of industries. Avatar has pioneered several web design New York techniques that have redefined the online experience.

Designing a website is no easy task. There are many aspects to consider, ranging from design to content to technology. While an attractive and appealing website is of the utmost importance, it is also crucial that a website reflects a business’ persona as well as serves a specific purpose. Below are common websites shortcomings and how to improve them.

  1. Unclear message. Conveying your company’s core message is a vital aspect in the success of your website. Avoid making people play a guessing game about your company’s purpose. Provide content that briefly and clearly outlines what your company offers as soon as visitors arrive.

  2. Not promoting connections with customers. Most businesses strive to develop a relationship with customers, instead of one-time exchanges. But few actively promote tools to maintain contact with customers. Make sure your social media page links are visible and prominent and incorporate multiple email captures. Then keep your social platforms up to date and send out periodic newsletters.

  3. Nonexistent contact information. Customers often visit a website looking for immediate support. Accessible contact information creates a potential pipeline of new customer conversions and repeat business. A “Contact” page is, in most cases, a must, although some businesses should consider placing contact information directly on the homepage.

  4. Overselling your business. Visitors see your website as part of your business. Keeping your message clear and inline with your products and services is key to converting and retaining customers. For example, if your business isn’t “flashy” keep your website low key by using conservative fonts and colors. Also, only display content about your products and services that is closely inline with what your business actually offers on a regular basis.

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