Avatar New York Discusses 4 Ways Using Color as a Tool Can Help Conversions Climb

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The knowledge of color psychology is important to have in your tool belt, and can make a massive difference when it comes to selling your product. For example, when trying to sell or appeal to women, you should know that they like blue, purple, and green the most, and dislike orange, brown, and gray. When the focus is on men, they prefer blue, green, and black, and find purple, orange, and brown unappealing. Certain colors tie into different feelings and send specific messages to the receiver:

  1. Blue. This color appeals to a lot of people, and pops up in the most-liked color category for both men and women. Blue can be tied back to feelings of calmness, serenity, and trustworthiness. This is great for companies who have a goal of eliciting confidence and reliance of the buyer or website user.

  2. Green. Perfect for anything involving the environment or nature. Green represents hope, growth, harmony, and balance, and the mind automatically associates it with nature, the great outdoors, and the environment. All of these characteristics make this color perfect for promoting environmental awareness, products appealing to outdoorsmen, or the selling of organic goods.

  3. Orange. This optimistic and extroverted color is perfect for all things fun! Use it for selling children’s toys or endorsing family fun activities. Orange also elicits feelings of impulsiveness, so banners for temporary sales, deals, and offers cloaked in this color urge people to buy quickly.

  4. Black. Luxury, power, and sophistication - this color is perfect for sites selling high-end items. Whimsical colors are seldom seen on websites of products that mean serious business. Many companies that promote lavish and luxurious products can be credited as prime examples of using black to send a message of elegance, opulence, and a sense of authority.

By using the right colors in the right place for the right audience, you’re sure to end up a winner. The tactic of utilizing color psychology is an effective and easy method to appeal to your target market. Once you have the perfect colors, hues, and shades locked into place, you will likely see an increase in conversions.

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