Avatar New York Discusses 4 Ways to Use Color Effectively in Mobile App Design

New York, NY— Avatar New York is a web development company that is known for its cutting-edge, responsive designs. With innovative websites and mobile apps, Avatar helps businesses in all industries strengthen their online presence and engage new customers.

Avatar New York keeps business owners informed of the latest mobile-app and web design New York trends. Recently, more companies have been improving their apps with creative yet effective use of color.

An app's color scheme should complement other visual aspects of the company's brand, such as the website and other marketing media. Of course, any good app combines mobile design expertise with artistic impact. Color plays an important role in both.

Todd Johnson, managing director of Avatar New York, provides insight into choosing the right hues for a mobile app: "When choosing app colors, businesses should get creative while staying true to their brand. The best hues will have a specific rhetorical impact while still being professional and appropriate."

Here are four ways to use color effectively in mobile-app design:

1. Keep it Simple

Apps featuring a simple color palette allow users to focus on the app's content and purpose. Choosing mostly neutral colors with a single bright color is particularly effective. Avoid using too many colors, which can make apps look cluttered.

2. Stick to Your Brand

No matter what color palette you choose, make sure it stays true to your brand. If most people associate your brand with a set of specific hues, incorporate them into the design. Not doing so leads to skewed brand awareness.

3. Be Consistent

Keep colors consistent among all online media, as well as any printed materials, such as coupons or flyers. All of these tools must work together to enhance brand awareness. Use colors that are complementary and convey the feeling that a brand hopes to achieve.

4. Enhance Readability

Color improves a user's experience with an app, so it should not interfere with the interface. Avoid hues that do not work well together or that make text difficult to read. Color draws the eye and helps certain aspects of the app stand out. For example, a white background with colorful icons and other elements can achieve this effect.

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