Avatar New York Discusses 4 Photography Trends in Web Design

New York, NY— Avatar New York is an award-winning web development firm. With innovative websites tailored to each business's audience, Avatar New York web design helps companies attract new customers, enhance their online presence and increase revenue.

Avatar New York keeps business owners informed of the latest design techniques so they can optimize their online presence. Today, cutting-edge photography has become an important element in web development, allowing designers to create impactful and memorable websites.

According to Todd Johnson, managing director of Avatar New York, "Visual media allows visitors to experience a company's products in a vicarious way. Professional photographs can help visitors discern the value of products and services, which makes them more likely to become customers."

Here are the top four website photography trends in 2015:

1. Large Background Photos

Background photos play a powerful role in communicating a site's message. Using color filters over images or blur effects without compromising usability is not an issue with large background photos. In some cases, photos are even used in the background in a decorative way with some element of the picture brought to the foreground.

2. Monochrome Photos

Black and white photos are classic, and their use in web design is a growing trend. Careful use of neutrals, such as black, grey, white and off-white, defines various levels of emotion such as purity, luxury and love. It is possible to communicate a business's identity through the right choice of black and white imagery.

3. Full-Screen Videos

Videos make a site more engaging. With all of the advances in web technology making media streaming possible, users now have the option to watch instead of read. Implementing video background leaves a lasting impact and makes a business appear more advanced.

4. Knolling

Knolling is the alignment of objects in an evenly spaced and linear fashion to create a sense of organization. It is a fringe and unique style that designers have seldom used, but it has become a style trend this year. Knolling is a popular choice for homepage backgrounds because it demonstrates professionalism.

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