Avatar New York Discusses 4 Enterprise Benefits of Cloud Hosting for SMBs

New York, NY— Web development agency Avatar New York offers a suite of digital business solutions that includes website design, app creation, branding services and cloud hosting. By combining these New York web design services, Avatar helps businesses modernize their online presence and expand their market reach.

According to Todd Johnson, Avatar New York’s managing director, “The majority of SMBs (small- to medium-sized businesses) simply cannot afford their own business-level redundancy and network security. As a result, their communications software is vulnerable to failures and attacks.”

Fortunately, SMBs can find a solution in the cloud. This is a hosting and data-storage option that provides more security than most in-house server systems. For growing companies, cloud hosting offers more scalability, and it is much cheaper than other network options.

In addition to the cloud’s financial advantages, these four enterprise benefits are motivating companies to leave behind outdated servers and make the upgrade to cloud hosting:

1. Stronger Security

Cyber security is a major concern when transmitting data. Hackers may attempt to steal customers’ information, trade secrets or other data that can jeopardize a company’s future. If a business’s servers are onsite, then both physical and digital security are necessary to protect sensitive information.

Investing in a cloud hosting provider can help companies stay up to date with the latest security protocols. These include protecting systems from intrusion, encrypting networks according to industry standards, and monitoring networks 24/7.

2. Improved Redundancy

Modern businesses rely on phones and the Internet to function. However, onsite servers can fail over time and compromise these systems. As a result, a business can face unexpected expenses and a loss of productivity.

Reputable cloud services, however, offer geographically diverse, redundant data centers, as well as direct relationships with most telephone and Internet providers. If a problem arises at one data center, or if equipment malfunctions, it is easy to reroute all communications and data services.

3. Enhanced Data Integrity

Cloud hosting providers can protect the integrity of your data. A cloud infrastructure with a fault-tolerant design can limit the spread of isolated hosting problems. A fault-tolerant design contains the impact of specific issues so they do not affect other parts of the hosting network.

4. Robust Regulatory Compliance

SMBs often have to comply with complicated regulatory requirements that are continually changing. Leading cloud providers typically serve customers in a multitude of industries, and as a result, they structure their solutions and networks to comply with regulatory standards, such as SOX, HIPAA and PCI.

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