Avatar New York Discusses 3 Tips for Incorporating Hero Images in Web Design

New York, NY— Avatar New York is an award-winning web development agency. With the newest design technology, Avatar New York web design builds cutting-edge websites for businesses in all industries.

According to Todd Johnson, managing director of Avatar New York, hero images are garnering much attention from modern web developers. These are large photos or other images that display prominently on a website. Often used as the site's header or a large main image, hero graphics create a modern and visually appealing effect.

"It's no secret that aesthetics are among the most important elements in web design," says Todd Johnson. "In addition to their visual appeal, hero images offer a way to incorporate photography in a stylistic and memorable way."

Here are three tips for using hero images in web design:

1. Create Emotional Appeal

Because a large website image is the first element that visitors see, it creates an instant emotional impact. This can be good or bad—depending on the choice of graphic. Be sure to choose an image that is professional and clear, and demonstrates the values of the company or its products.

2. State a Purpose

Hero images provide an opportunity for a business to communicate its purpose and value. When choosing the graphic, ask these questions:

- What is the value of my goods or services?
- What reaction do I want from customers?
- Is there a single image that can portray multiple facets of the business?
- Is there a way that visitors could misinterpret that image?

3. Include Other Design Elements

While a hero image makes the website visually appealing, it also works with other elements of the site to enhance the message. Other elements include text, graphics, and calls to action. Make sure to account for the inclusion of other elements in when choosing a photo. Also keep in mind that hero images used on responsive-design websites must be user friendly across multiple devices.

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