Avatar New York Discusses 3 Reasons Why a Website Is a Must-Have for Small Businesses

New York, NY— Avatar New York is an award-winning web design agency. With cutting-edge websites customized for each business's clientele, Avatar New York helps companies attract new customers, increase revenue and enhance their online presence.

Avatar New York keeps business owners informed of the latest web design New York trends so they can stay competitive in the digital market. Due to the proliferation of the Internet, having an effective website can mean the difference between success and failure for a small business.

According to Todd Johnson, managing director of Avatar New York, "In 2015, not having a website can set your business up to fail. There are almost 2 billion Internet users around the world, and 75 percent of them have purchased something online."

Here are three reasons why a modern website is vital for the success of small businesses:

1. It's a vehicle for customers to find your small business.

To be well represented online, a business needs a website. A website serves as an online business card for people who buy products and services based on online research. Potential customers search reviews on Yelp and compare prices on other sites. It's important for a business own their online identity when potential customers seek to complete their research on a business' website.

A business's website should include the business's hours of operation, address, phone number and email. In addition, a website should include product and service information.

2. It's a 24-hour-a-day sales team.

A business website provides answers to customers all the time without ever taking a break. It's a place for customers to get directions and contact details, and it serves as a visual sample of goods and services.

A professional website also works all day and night to build trust and credibility. It shows a business is established. Without an online presence, customers may perceive your business as unprofessional and outdated.

3. It's a lead generator.

A website that has been optimized for search engines can broaden a customer base and increase sales substantially. There are two strategies that are particularly effective for developing leads: publishing useful content on your website that ranks high in online search results and pay-per-click ad campaigns that link back to important pages on your website. Both of these methods require a professional website that generates conversions.

Avatar New York is an innovating, award-winning New York web design firm dedicated to providing clients with responsive websites that help grow brands and convert visitors to customers. With an expertise in web development, branding, cloud hosting, mobile app development, and CMS and e-commerce solutions, Avatar New York's top tier designers have the ability to create intelligent websites for any type of business.