Avatar New York Details How MIT’s New Web Language Could Improve the Development Process

New York, NY—When it comes to web design, New York developers know that custom coding can be extremely complex. Avatar New York, an award winning web design firm in New York, discusses a new web language called Ur/Web developed by MIT researchers and its potentially positive impact on development.

Adam Chlipala, an MIT researcher, recently presented a white paper outlining the properties of the new web coding language Ur/Web. The new language, building on the foundations of Haskell and ML code, has the ability to streamline the development process.

As an expert in web design, New York developer and Avatar New York managing director Todd Johnson says the Ur/Web combines XML, JavaScript, SQL and CSS all into one application, making it easier for developers to design certain aspects of websites all in one place. “It allows developers to simplify management between all web components,” he says. “However, it also strengthens security on web pages because of its ‘strong typing’ principle. It only allows the code author to enable specific functions and what type of data can be processed. This could prevent many websites from falling victim to cyber attacks because the website would be able to effectively deny viruses from hackers.”

Johnson says Ur/Web could be a great asset in the future when developing websites. “While this code is brand new, and has not been widely introduced yet, it has the potential to be a huge asset to developers working on more simple websites,” he says. “It will definitely be interesting to watch this code grow and how its level of security is perceived by other leading developers.”

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