Avatar New York Details How to Improve Website Load Time With Web Design

New York, NY—Avatar New York, an award winning New York web design firm, details how brands can speed up the load time on their pages by simplifying design.

Websites only have a few seconds to capture a user’s attention before they bounce from the page. Most good websites have a load time of 1-3 seconds. When designing a new website, many brands struggle with shedding seconds off of their load time. Fortunately, there are ways to promote faster load times with certain web designs.  

As an expert in web design, New York developer and Avatar New York managing director Todd Johnson says the design of a website greatly affects how fast its pages will load. “There are a few ways developers can alter websites to reflect quicker load times,” he says. “Simple is better, not just for aesthetics, but also for speeding up actions on the website. Make sure you are hosting media files separately from the website. Using a CDN, or Content Delivery Network (CDN) to host media files can improve load time significantly. Also make sure you upload media files in an appropriate size and format, so they load faster.”

The size of a web page can also be a contributing factor to slower load times. Johnson suggests separating content. “While scrolling web pages may be a great way to present a lot of content, embedding too much content on one page can lead to load time problems. Summarize ideas on landing pages,” he explains. “And if visitors want to dive deeper, create longer pages with “lightweight” textual content and a few media files underneath the landing pages. This will not only allow users to get information they need efficiently, it will also improve the load time of web pages.”

Developers must also be sure to compress web page data before sending to a browser for display. “There are many compression methods out there,” Johnson says, “and using multiple techniques together is necessary to achieve a significant reduction. Compressing web pages reduces the total amount of data the browser has to load to display the page.”

If a brand does not know how long it takes its website to load, Johnson suggests testing it using one of the free tools offered online.

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