Avatar New York is all grown up

Just a few months ago, Avatar New York LLC, a New York Web Design and Technology Firm was celebrating a massive round of award wins, 10 in total.  Instead of kicking up their feet, Avatar New York kept the momentum going with the launch of their own site redesign.

 Always proponents of intertwining the new and fresh with classic paradigms, Avatar New York has applied this approach to their re-launch.  Maintaining the same reliable methodologies from original site, Avatar New York has introduced a modern homepage mixing Flash with HTML to highlight their latest award-winning designs.  Featuring Avatar New York’s recognizable logo and masthead, juxtaposed a new color scheme and navigation bar, the site operates using an easy-to-follow content directory.   The site was created to represent the kind of design and ‘user-ability’ sense that Avatar New York promotes to its clients: “The interface of your application or web site is the public face of your business on-line.  It needs to makes perfect sense, but a lot of people don't fully understand the importance of intuitive, easy to use navigation design.  Good interface work often goes by unremarked, but you can guarantee that bad interface work always gets noticed.  When people get frustrated with your business, they simply go away, and it's the same with your web site.”

 Avatar New York exemplifies this good sense by bringing to light a diverse portfolio and allowing clients the option to search based on the services that were utilized on a particular project.  Extensive case studies and testimonials allow new site visitors to become immediately connected with the kind of relationship Avatar New York maintains with their clientele.

Look out for “Our Story,” which is a timeline that illustrates not only the chronology of important landmarks for the company, but also shares fun accounts of co-owners’ Charles McCoy and Patrick Tully’s journey to build their award-winning design firm from the ground up.  “With the new site we also decided to add a blog, this allows us to create a forum that serves as a starting point of discussion on the current trends in our business.” states Patrick Tully. With this new blog section, techies and non-techies alike can discuss new and interesting web technologies.

 “This is such an unbelievable time for us,” expresses Charles McCoy, “the awards and the publicity are the culmination of everyone’s hard work.  We’re very excited to reveal the new face of Avatar New York.”  Avatar New York’s recent facelift is a reflection of what this fledgling company has become—an experienced and mature company that is climbing to the top of their field.