Avatar New York Affirms Why Branding Is So Important to Web Design

New York, NY—When it comes to web design, New York agency Avatar New York confirms the importance of branding and why businesses need to make it more of a priority in the development process.

One of the most essential aspects of web design is branding. Branding is more than logos, colors and fonts. A website represents a company’s mission, values, and voice. Before the designers begin toying with layout ideas, color schemes and features, it’s necessary to solidify the goals of the company and how it wants to be perceived. Unfortunately, many websites fail at conveying the brand message, or lack consistency.

A lack of branding could confuse visitors, potentially resulting in decreased sales. Poor branding strategies are unable to differentiate you from the competition, which winds up negatively impacting your company’s bottom line. A company without clear values can also inconvenience and alienate customers. Customers are more likely to trust, and remain loyal, to a brand that is relatable.

As an expert in web design, New York developer and Avatar New York managing director Todd Johnson, affirms great, clear branding is necessary when creating websites. “When customers or prospective clients visit your website, they should immediately understand the mission of your business,” he says. “Before the designer works out a concept, he or she should have a good idea of the company’s voice and its values. From there, he can develop a website design that matches the company’s brand.”

Johnson says that the branding process should always take precedent over development work. “If a company wants a new website, but lacks proper branding, it would be doing them a disservice to try to design something based on what they already have. Web design must be consistent with branding, and a smart, innovative design cannot be created without superior branding guidelines.”

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